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Find your new favourite accessory from our assortment of tanzanite jewellery pieces, set with this mysterious and magnificent gem. For any assistance please contact our friendly team on 0121 634 8070.
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62 Item(s)


With varying depths of violets, blues and purples tanzanite is one the most wondrous jewels of the gem universe. With tanzanite jewellery stirring emotions deep within the human heart and soul, this rare and fascinating gem can only be found in one location - Tanzania. Our tanzanite jewellery UK range includes rings, pendants and earrings, providing a wide range of items designed to celebrate this beautiful gem. From 9k white gold to 18k yellow gold our range is sure to provide a wide choice, suitable for all tastes, occasions and budgets, giving all UK buyers a chance to own their own piece of tanzanite. Considered the gem of the 20th century, tanzanite jewellery saw a sharp rise to fame during the early 2000’s. Even the first CEO of Apple Computers delved in to the tanzanite craze and is the proud owner of the world’s most famous large faceted tanzanite – the ‘Queen of Kilimanjaro’. Weighing over 242ct, the cushion shaped tanzanite is set in an astonishing tsavorite and diamond encrusted tiara. Whatever piece of tanzanite jewellery you choose, enjoy its beauty and mystery for a lifetime to come.

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