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Art Deco Jewellery

Endlessly fashionable and forever in style, buy Art Deco jewellery for any jewellery aficionado. Prompted by the Paris Exhibition, Art Deco embraced well-honoured traditions while simultaneously celebrating the modern, mechanised world. Also celebrated in jewellery, Art Deco jewellery remains one of the most in demand styles today, boasting everything from fringes to geometric shapes. Difficult to obtain but easy to wear, our Art Deco designs are fantastically flawless for every occasion. Step in to the Gatsby era of flair and creativity with stunning diamond set brooches to onyx drop earrings.

12 Item(s)

12 Item(s)

Art Deco Jewellery is both iconic and stylish. The 1920's allowed for a level of freedom and expression that hadn't before been acceptable. Flappers enjoyed fringes, headbands and large pieces of statement jewellery - fashions became daring and chic. The attitude of the people changed - architecture became bold and loud. Art Deco allowed designers to enjoy designing and encouraged geometric designs, fashionable new step cut gems and large accessories. Jewels were adjusted and played with to make new and fun styles. Necklaces became longer and were worn down the back. Some even added additional pendants or tassels for added effect. The female form was once again accentuated by the styles of the jewellery under otherwise formless clothes. Cocktail watches symbolised the new fast paced lifestyle. New techniques allowed for Art Deco jewellery to have added character. In 1922, Howard Carter discovered Tutankhamun's tomb and a host of Egyptian styled jewellery suddenly flooded the market. Heiroglyphs, scarabs and cuffs were added to other designs influenced by the Orient.

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