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Diamond jewellery is the simple answer to elegance. If you’re looking for diamond jewellery but not sure in what form, browse our extensive assortment of dazzling beauties until you find your star piece.
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621 Items

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Diamonds haven't always been a girls best friend. Their explosion as the must-have jewel such as solitaires and centre piece jewellery has only occurred since De Beers executed such an amazing strategy in the late 1800's. Diamond jewellery is favoured by many, as the bright white colour and dazzling sparkle lift any outfit and can be worn on every occasion. Our diamond jewellery UK range includes rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, all enhanced with this precious stone. With hundreds of options available from Sterling silver, to 9ct and 18ct gold, our range has something for all styles, occasions and budgets! Whether it's a treat for yourself to shine at a special event, or a gift to show someone special how you feel, no collection would be complete without a piece of diamond jewellery.

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