Edwardian Jewellery

Our Edwardian Jewellery collection collates Art Nouveau and Art's & Crafts jewels, along with the classic themes of the time. A delightful early 20h Century treat for any jewellery collector.

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A difficult time for jewellery lovers and manufacturers alike, Edwardian Jewellery saw a sharp decline due not only a shortage of precious metals, but what was available was used for funding World War I. While good luck charms, trinkets and talismans remained popular and accessible higher end jewellery pieces disappeared almost totally. The rococo styles of Lois XVI proved popular and offered some variation and creativity to the listless designers. The heavy, dark mourning jewels from the days of Queen Victoria were replaced by more chic black and white jewellery. When available, gold was replaced by platinum so as times improved, became more intricate and fabulous pieces were introduced. Edwardian Jewellery enjoyed new cutting styles, such as calibre cut sapphire, ruby and emeralds and fancier faceting styles. Fire opal was introduced from Mexico, black opal from Australia. Montana enjoyed a find of pale blue sapphires and The Urals in Russia boasted beautiful demantoid garnet. This allowed for more colourful and interesting designs.

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